A villa is not a simple house with windows, no bathroom, and a tiny kitchen, but it’s actually a complex.

It’s the sort of home that could fit on a small plane, but has to be taken to the top of a hill for a helicopter landing.

And if you’re lucky, a couple of people will live in a single-story villa for the rest of their lives.

The most famous of those is the Ronda Vista, one of the top three villas in Costa Rico.

It was built in 1923 by the Spanish architect Antonio Vásquez.

It sits on a cliff overlooking the city of Cádiz, just above a hill where the city’s two famous resorts sit.

The house is the only one of its kind in Costa Rican history.

It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is designed with a single, narrow staircase.

This means you can walk from one bedroom to the other, or from one bathroom to the next, without breaking stride.

The villa was designed by Vásquero as an escape from his country’s overcrowded streets.

The architect also built other villas on the property, but this is the first to be built on the topsoil of a nearby hill.

It features two swimming pools, a pool table, and an outdoor patio.

The terrace in front of the house is made of reclaimed earth and is also lined with grass.

A couple of feet away is a small, white-washed, cedar-lined swimming pool.

The kitchen is decorated with colorful ceramic and stone appliances.

A wood-burning stove sits at the center of the living area.

The only interior space in the house, apart from the dining room, is the living room, which is lined with a huge, white, round table that serves as a dining table.

This is where the owner of the Rondo Vista would sit, eat, and watch movies.

There are six bedrooms in the entire house.

They are split between two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Each bedroom has two bathrooms and one shower.

Each bathroom has a bathtub.

Each room has its own kitchen, including a sink and an oven.

Each kitchen also has a stove, but the kitchen is much smaller and less elaborate than the one in the Rondas.

When the Ronds were built in the early 1900s, the area was crowded.

There was a need for a spacious and comfortable living space, but Vásqero wanted a simpler living space that could be easily moved around.

So he designed the villa as a simple, utilitarian space.

The roof of the villas house is a little like the roof of a car.

The ground level is the top floor, the roof is the bottom floor, and the living space is the second floor.

In addition to the kitchen and living room that Vásqua built in 1927, there are four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

There is also a living room in the second bedroom.

The other two bedrooms are shared with two other people, so the entire home is about the same size as the apartment in the nearby resort of Villa San José.

The Ronda Vista has four separate living rooms, but they all share the same space.

Each one has its separate bathtub and an electric shower.

The living room has a bed, two couches, and two chairs.

The two bedroom is shared with a woman and a man.

The first bedroom has a toilet and a sink.

The second bedroom has an electric stove, and it has a sink on top of it.

There’s a refrigerator, a microwave, and three small dishwasher outlets.

Each of the three bathrooms has its bathroom sink.

Each floor has a kitchen sink and a kitchen counter.

There aren’t any private bathrooms in the villanys house, so they can only be used by those who live in the one room that has a bathroom and a shower.

There isn’t a kitchen or laundry room in there.

The top floor of the room is the main dining area, but only the second and third floors are open to the public.

The rooftop of the hotel is also private.

The restaurant is located on the second level, but there’s no public area for dining.

There really isn’t much space in there, because the two main bedrooms are so far apart that you can’t actually see each other.

When VásQero died in 1997, his wife, Maria, took over the business.

Today, the Rondeas are in a good state of repair, and they’re even able to sell some of the older villas that were built for tourists.

This was a luxury for the family of Vásques, but a lot of people couldn’t afford it.

In 2009, the government began a major renovation of the area, which included a new airport that will eventually bring more planes to the island.

There will also be a new hotel that is going to open in 2018, so there’s still

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