Thailand has a history of trying to save people’s lives, and this villa on the outskirts of Bangkok was the perfect place to do so.

This villa was built to house the villagers who were dying from the bubonic plague, a deadly virus which has hit Thailand and many parts of the world in recent years.

It’s the only one of its kind in the world.

The Villages Project was started in 2016 to help villagers get off their feet after the pandemic, and it has built up over the past few years, building up around 100 houses.

This week, a villager’s home was built on one of the first blocks of houses, which the project hopes to complete in 2019.

The project is a long way from where the project started, but it’s the first time in Thailand’s history that someone has been able to build a home on a road.

The villa has a swimming pool, an indoor garden, a terrace, a small terrace with a small patio, and a kitchen.

The main building has a large terrace and a swimming pond, and there is a living room with a big table.

It also has a laundry, kitchen, and an apartment-like living room, as well as a small bedroom.

There are a number of amenities, including a large kitchen, large bedrooms, and three bedrooms, a guest room, and storage.

The team behind the villa said the project is an attempt to save the lives of the villagers, who were already suffering from the virus, but have nowhere else to go.

The idea came to them in 2017 when they heard the stories of the residents who died from the disease.

“It is not uncommon for the virus to spread from one person to another in a short period of time,” the project said in a statement.

“This project is about helping the villagers to rebuild their lives.”

The villas house has been put up for sale at the moment, but the project will continue to build it out until it’s complete, according to the statement. [Reuters]

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