When your husband says, to a girl, “My daughter wants to know if you’re a doctor,” you might be a little confused.

“I am a doctor, but I am not a doctor who is having babies,” she says.

“You should assume that’s a compliment.”

But the answer might be different if you’ve had kids.

If you’ve got a child and your husband has a medical degree, the answer could be different.

That’s because medical degrees are different from other types of degrees.

Some medical degrees require a bachelor’s degree.

Others, like the M.D. degree, require a doctorate.

A doctorate is an undergraduate degree in a field, like medicine or surgery.

If a man has a bachelor of arts degree, he’ll need to complete a two-year program to become licensed to practice medicine.

The program generally starts with a bachelor in a related field, usually biology or chemistry.

The M.A. in medicine is often the next step.

It’s an intermediate program that takes two years to complete.

You can get a master’s in medicine or an advanced degree in medicine.

If your husband is an associate professor of medicine, the next thing you should expect is that he’ll have a doctorates in the same fields, says Dr. Amy Gros, director of the College of Medicine at the University of Michigan.

“It could be as far as an associate, as a doctor of pharmacy, or a pharmacist,” Gros says.

Your husband might have an M.

Sc. in surgery, she says, or an MEd in a specialty.

“We all have a variety of specialty training,” Graz says.

But if you have children, you should assume he’s practicing medicine in addition to a medical or dental specialty.

She adds, “If he’s not practicing medicine, I don’t think he’s a doctor.”

If he’s an MSc.

student, she adds, then he probably is, and he should probably learn some of his specialties before taking the MEd or M.

Ed program.

Your family doctor can also help you figure out if your husband’s degree is in medicine, Gros adds.

You could ask a family physician to get a list of his medical schools, or you can look at the websites of medical schools and compare them to his M.


D and M.



If he has a doctor in a different field, the most common questions to ask would be whether he’s trained in that field or not, Graz suggests.

She says it might be best to ask, “Is this the type of education he needs?”

“If I’m having trouble understanding his degree, then I’m not sure that he’s going to be a good doctor,” she adds.

And if he doesn’t have a particular specialty, “That might be an issue for you,” Grows says.

If it’s an associate degree, she suggests, your husband could also have a medical certificate from a university, a doctor from a local hospital, or from a hospital within the state of Michigan, as well as an MMed certificate from an accredited health care provider.

“If you have a child or children, if you need to know what a doctor has, you’re going to need to look up their credentials,” Grooms says.

And even if you don’t have children yet, you might want to know that your husband graduated from a medical school, and that he also had a medical license from an organization like the American Board of Medical Specialties.

“That could be a great indicator that he might have a specialty,” Grosso says.

The same applies to an MTeacher degree, if your spouse graduated from an MPharm.

or MEd program and has a certificate from the organization or school.

“Your child might be wondering whether your husband was trained in an MPhil or MEng or MPhil-B,” Gios says.

Another option is to ask your spouse about his education in medical school.

Some of his MPharma degree credits include an MEng degree from the University at Buffalo, and an MArch from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“There’s not a lot that you can tell about what a medical doctor has that a physician doesn’t,” Gos says.

It depends on whether you know your spouse’s MSc, MAss, or MPharmac.

“For example, if a doctor is going to get an MAss and MArch, then it’s possible that the doctor was trained at a hospital, and then later became a physician,” Gosen says.

You might also ask about his previous medical work, whether he had any teaching or internship experience, and if he has experience in other areas, like teaching and working with young children, she advises.

You should also be aware of the requirements of his current license, Gosen adds.

“His license could be

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