A Disney resort in China is opening a new luxury hotel in the middle of the Walmart shopping mall in Wuhan, the latest effort by the entertainment company to build on its growing footprint in China.

Walmart’s iconic “Walk of Shame” is one of the world’s largest tourist attractions, and the mall has been home to the Disney theme park for years.

Disney announced on Monday that it was building the new luxury resort, the new Walmart Village, on the site of the former Walmart Corporation building in the city of Wuhang, located in a rural area that borders Hong Kong.

The resort, called the Walt Disney Village at Wuhans Palace, will include an indoor shopping center, a shopping mall and restaurants, according to a release from Disney.

The Walmart Tower, the company’s tallest building in China, was built in 1999 and opened in 2005.

In addition to the new hotel, Disney is developing a “tourism park” at the site.