By BOB BANESEVICIIn the summer of 2013, the owners of the small shop in the city of Parma were looking for a pizza fixer to come and fix up their pies.

It was a long wait for the man who had been helping them for the past four years.

“I thought, why not?” said Andrea Mancinelli, the owner.

“It was such a small shop that you could always go to and take a look and find the problem.”

After years of running their business as a small, family-owned restaurant, Mancini and his wife, Andrea, had moved to Parma and opened their own pizza shop called “Vino Pizza” in March 2013.

The owners had no idea the significance of the word “pizza” at the time, but when they heard about the word pizza being the Italian word for pizza, they knew they had to start a name for the pizza joint.

They decided to change their name to “Vina Pizza” after the owner’s mother had been a patron at the shop for years.

It’s now one of the largest pizzerias in Italy.

“When we decided to call ourselves Pizza Villa, the name stuck,” said Mancina.

“We just wanted to do something that would be a little different, but that was what we were after,” he added.

“Vino” is an abbreviation for “village” and means “little” in Italian.

In the beginning, the shop was just a pizza place.

“The word Pizza Villa was always in our head, and we were really proud of that name,” said Andrea.

“I’m a small business person, so we had to think about how to make a little more money,” she said.

“After two years, we made it a little bit more profitable.”

The name “Vinella” came from the Italian vineyard where the restaurant is located.

“Vines are the best tomatoes in the world,” said the owner of the restaurant, Giuseppe Vignatti.

The name “pig” was an homage to a famous movie, where pigs are used as actors in the movie.

Vina is a family business, so it was decided to take on a more modern name and a name that would not be too far from the pizza.

“For us, it was very important to have a name with a bit of pizzeria history,” said Vignatti.

They wanted a name like the one that pizza lovers know today: Parma Pizza.

After making changes to their menu and their menu items, “Vinita Pizza” opened their doors on February 4, 2014, and it quickly became a success.

It has become a hit with both locals and visitors alike.

The name has been adopted by more than 1,200 pizza joints in Italy, and they are selling over 4,000 pizzas every day, making it one of Italy’s largest pizza chains.

Pizza Villa has sold out of the first 300 pizzas it has sold.

“Pizza, you are the pizza, and Vino is the pizza,” said Giuseppina.

“You can’t get better than that.”

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