San marco Villa, where the boys will spend the weekend, is a place where you can make a life for yourself.

In addition to being the perfect weekend getaway for the boys, this exclusive community will also help you to improve your relationship with your children.

This is a community where you have to make a choice: do you want to be a good dad or do you like to have a good time with your kids?

What is your ideal life as a dad?

Here are some tips for becoming the best dads in the village.


Go to the beach with your family 2.

Don’t leave the house 3.

Have fun with your friends 4.

Get a haircut 5.

Have a barbecue 6.

Make a homemade cookie 7.

Get dressed up to go to the theatre 8.

Play your guitar 9.

Have an art project 10.

Do yoga at home 11.

Read a book 12.

Dance your ass off 13.

Play a game or a musical 14.

Have your hair done 15.

Have some fun with friends 16.

Take your kids to a birthday party 17.

Play an instrument or watch some TV 18.

Do some gardening with your parents 19.

Get your children to the park 20.

Read some books 21.

Have sex with your partner and take your kids out for a swim 22.

Get out of bed in the morning 23.

Take a walk in the garden 24.

Get the kids to the local park 25.

Have breakfast and lunch with your spouse 26.

Take the kids out to lunch and play an outdoor game 27.

Go out with your daughter 28.

Go on a bike ride with your girlfriend 29.

Go for a walk with your son 30.

Have the kids get their nails done 31.

Go camping with your mother 32.

Go fishing with your father 33.

Go sailing with your husband 34.

Go skiing with your dad 35.

Go cycling with your brother 36.

Have dinner at home 37.

Go swimming with your wife 38.

Go running with your sister 39.

Go dancing with your boyfriend 40.

Go driving with your mom 41.

Go shopping with your friend 42.

Have children in the park 43.

Go walking with your dog 44.

Go diving with your cat 45.

Have kids on a picnic 46.

Go hunting with your pet 47.

Go snorkeling with your fish 48.

Go surfing with your duck 49.

Go riding a scuba diver 50.

Have coffee with your mate 51.

Go bowling 52.

Go playing an instrument 53.

Go biking with your neighbours 54.

Go having your daughter’s birthday party 55.

Go yoga with your mum 56.

Go reading a book 57.

Have lunch with friends and have a drink with your best friend 58.

Go ice skating 59.

Go karate with your boss 60.

Go skating in the pool 61.

Go going to a concert 62.

Go taking a break for a weekend 63.

Go backpacking with your fiance 64.

Go hiking in the mountains 65.

Go canoeing with your grandchild 66.

Go kayaking with your grandchildren 67.

Go photography with your niece 68.

Go snowboarding 69.

Go climbing a mountain 70.

Go golfing with the boys 71.

Go basketball with your coach 72.

Go soccer with your teammate 73.

Go tennis with your teammates 74.

Go dance with your ex-boyfriend 75.

Go horseback riding 76.

Go triathlon with your old partner 77.

Go cross country skiing 78.

Go mountain biking 79.

Go rowing with your team 80.

Go water skiing 81.

Go volleyball with your current team 82.

Go skateboarding with your new team 83.

Go table tennis 84.

Go shooting with your former team 85.

Go rock climbing 86.

Go ski jumping 87.

Go football with your beloved team 88.

Go hockey with your favorite team 89.

Go rugby with your local team 90.

Go gymnastics with your closest friends 91.

Go archery with your nearest friends 92.

Go bodybuilding with your biggest competition 93.

Go fly fishing with a friend 94.

Go kickboxing with your gym partner 95.

Go weight training with your favourite team 96.

Go wrestling with your neighbour 97.

Go boxing with your opponent 98.

Go fitness with your health and fitness buddy 99.

Go baking with your baking partner 100.

Go curling with the kids 101.

Go track and field with your older brother 102.

Go figure skating with your youngest brother 103.

Go field hockey with a local team 104.

Go cricket with your oldest brother 105.

Go a bike touring 105.

Have another go at a golf course 106.

Go beach volleyball with the local beach community 107.

Go bocce with the beach community 108.

Go pool party 109.

Go squash with your locals 110.

Go bike ride your family 111.

Go swim with your neighbors 112.

Go walk the dog with your two best friends 113.

Go hike your dog 114.

Go fish with your pets 115.

Go run with your dogs 116.

Go play golf with your brothers 117.

Go get your kids dressed up

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