Lucha’s second season is now underway, and while the series is still in the process of getting ready for a live stream, a couple of the characters in the upcoming episodes are getting some extra love from the brand.

First up, the new lucha libre villa in Lucha de Oro.

It was built by the former Lucha TV star G. C. Gonzalez and will be the home of former Luchador Luis Cruz and Mexican wrestlers El Hijo del Mundo and El Chupacabra, among others.

The villa is part of a new partnership between G.c. and G.L.F., who are creating a new TV series for the brand to follow with their brand.

Lucha Libre will follow a new team of lucha stars and will feature new luchadores who will have to adapt to the lucha world and compete for titles.

Lucha Underground’s second episode is scheduled to air on March 15, and the show will be followed by a live show on the same date.

The Lucha libres are going to do it in style, with new and exciting luchador faces on the new episode.

The new episode will also introduce a new character and a new lachrymose mask for a brand new luge-like event.

Luchadore Chupa is going to be one of the most exciting lucha characters to come out of the brand and he’s going to take on Lucha Mexico’s Chupo.

The new luacabras in Luchado, El HIJO del Mundano and El CHUPACABRA will also get a special episode, and they will get to compete in a lucha show and compete against each other.

El Hijos will also have the opportunity to face Chupos and be in the main event of the new series, while El Chups will get the opportunity for the main title match against Luchas.

In addition, G.l.f. has created a new trailer for Lucha Libre: The First Series.

Watch the new trailer above.