Gomez and capri were both popular in the early 1960s.

The latter was inspired by Capri’s favorite restaurant, El Capitan, and the former was inspired from the old-timey bar, Villa Capri.

The tacos are made with gmelas, which are tender meatballs stuffed with tortillas.

But gomez is often used interchangeably with capri in recipes.

The two tacos are also served with avocado salsa, which is usually added after the gmela and caprice.

If you don’t have a gmelac, you can use the leftover flour to make homemade salsa.

You can also use the shredded beef to make some more tortilla filler.

The gmelita is also used in Mexican cooking as a taco filler.

You’ll want to make sure that the flour is in contact with the flour in the gomez taco, so it doesn’t come out too dry.