In the 1930s, a French film, La Vie au Vie de l’Avance, starred actress Lola Louise Elena Villa, played by Elena Bevilacqua.

It is one of the most famous stories in the French language.

Villa has often been associated with her villa in the small village of Ville, in the southern province of Guadeloupe.

But the real villa of Villa is far more famous.

Its owner is the late Italian painter Carlo L’Aquino, who died in 2014.

Villa’s villa is one-fifth the size of her own.

And Villa is one the first women to win the Prix d’Or at Cannes.

But how did she become one of its most famous residents?

Here are some things you might not know about Villa.

Who is Lola?

Lola was born in Italy and raised in the Italian town of Chiesa.

Her father was an engineer and the family moved to Rome when she was nine.

Her mother was a teacher.

She graduated from the prestigious school of Fine Arts in Florence and began painting in Venice.

She was a master of the brush.

Villa became one of Italy’s most famous women when she won the Prix de lance in 1929.

What are villes like?

Villes are built of a solid concrete core and a concrete foundation.

They have windows and doors.

In the 1960s, the villas were given over to the elderly, who could afford to buy them.

Villa built her first villa at Ville in 1935.

It was a massive home, with seven rooms and seven baths.

In 1937, Villa’s daughter, Vera, died of pneumonia.

She left a widow and two children.

Villa had to build a new home for her, and she moved to a smaller villa on the outskirts of the village.

Villa later sold the larger villa to her daughter, Lola, for an even smaller sum.

She also bought a small home in the countryside, in Ville-sur-Mer, which she then moved to, in 1940.

Villa lived there for almost 60 years, and her children, who still live in the village, have lived there ever since.

What do the women say about their villas and how they look?

Women are encouraged to paint in the villa’s rooms, and in some villas, the men can only paint in their rooms.

Women paint in a range of colours, from white to black, yellow to pink and green to brown.

Villa once painted her first house, a simple white-painted house in the middle of a forest.

Today, Villa has a wide range of villas.

They are mostly small, one-room homes that look like simple castles or churches.

Villa was known for her ability to make beautiful portraits.

Villa also painted a series of masterpieces, including a masterpiece of her in 1929 called La Vie de L’Avace, which was created in a small studio in a single day.

In 1940, Villa became the first woman to win an international prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Villa died in 1974, aged just 44.

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