The story of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and the fictional Toronto Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Corporation is the subject of a new book, A Novel of the Leafs: From Maple Leaf to Toronto, by Jonathan Clements.

The book, which was released in October, follows the development of the Toronto Maple Maple Leafs franchise from the 1930s to the 1990s.

The series, which ran for 12 seasons, was one of the most popular sports franchises in the world, and the first franchise to be created by a group of young entrepreneurs led by legendary Toronto sports promoter Jack Layton.

In the book, Clements tells the story of how the team began as a non-profit hockey club with the support of local philanthropist William Mowat.

The group, which included several current Maple Leafs players, later became the Leafs.

The team’s most famous player, Toronto Maple leafsy, is the author of the franchise’s motto: “It’s the way it’s always been.”

In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Clements said that he wanted to write the book as a way to explore the lives of players, coaches and executives who helped shape the Maple Leafs organization from the beginning.

The author said he hoped his work would encourage readers to remember the importance of the sports fan and to appreciate the role that people like Layton, Bob Nicholson and the Maple Leaf Family have played in shaping the NHL for the better part of half a century.

“I’m hoping that people will learn from this and try to take it one step further,” he said.

“This is a book about what the Leafs were about, and I’m going to do what I can to give a deeper insight into the history of the Maple.

“When you see this series of photos of the team, it’s just a photo of a hockey team.” “

The book includes photos and stories from the Maple’s history, and a chapter on hockey history from the early years of the league. “

When you see this series of photos of the team, it’s just a photo of a hockey team.”

The book includes photos and stories from the Maple’s history, and a chapter on hockey history from the early years of the league.

It also features a detailed history of Toronto, including the Maple Gardens, the original arena, the Maple Theatre, the Toronto Sports and Entertainment Centre and the team’s first arena, Maple Leaf Gardens, as well as the many teams that followed the team.

Clements is an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University and is the founder of the Sports & Arts Institute, an independent think tank that studies the sports and entertainment industry.

In 2016, Cables Media, a major sports network in Canada, bought the rights to the book for a reported $150 million.

The new book is Clements’ third collaboration with Clements, and it comes at a time when the Toronto Star and CBC are pushing the city’s booksellers to publish more sports books.

“It seems like there’s an explosion of books about sports in the U.S.,” Clements told CBC News.

“You’ve got a lot of sports books on the way.

We were hoping to be a part of that and to see what the reaction was going to be.”

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