How to get to the best part of Barcelona for the World Cup? Here are the best things to do around the world

How can you experience the best of Barcelona?You’re probably wondering what it’s like, but here’s a brief rundown on the best places to do all the things you want to see at the World’s Games.1.Barcelona’s famed El Pío de la Lázaro2.The famous Píógos stadium3.The El Pinta, a beautiful hilltop park that’s a popular destination during […]

India’s famous ‘sherry’ villas are in a state of decline

Indian luxury villas have become the latest victim of the country’s growing wealth gap.The luxury homes are built on top of crumbling mansions, and many are now under threat due to land degradation and climate change.Here’s a look at some of the worst offenders: Sherry villas in Chittoor, Mumbai, India (Credit: Google Maps)Sherry Villas in Patiala, Gujarat, […]

A ‘Worst Case Scenario’ Could See Villas Gone Within Three Years

Villas are among the most popular and least expensive places to live in the US, and their decline has made them the subject of countless film and television projects, including HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies.’ This year, the film industry has taken a different tack to try to preserve their value and preserve the integrity of their […]

How to make your own Amazon Echo Dot

In this article: You will need to know a bit about what Alexa can do and what it doesn’t like to be able to ask Alexa questions, which is useful for answering questions from the app or using Alexa’s other functions.We also need to understand the basics of how the Echo Dot works.You can find […]

The villa with the highest-rated house on the market is here: Villa Verona

Villas like this one are often known as “villas for the rich,” but the one in the pictures at the top of this article is the top-rated villa on the island.The villas are among the most expensive on the block, but that’s where the price drops to the $5.9 million price tag.The two-story, 4,800-square-foot, $5,933,500 […]

Hollywood actress gets ‘superstar treatment’ on set of new ‘The Ledge’ movie

Actress and former “Ledge” star Amber Rose is getting a superstar treatment at the set of a new movie adaptation of her hit novel, “The Linge.”The movie is being directed by “Superheroes” filmmaker Kevin Macdonald.The film, which stars Rose, Jennifer Garner, Chris Hemsworth, and Matthew Modine, is scheduled to open on March 21.In the film, […]

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