Los Angeles, California – There’s a reason why the most expensive homes in LA are located in the suburbs.

While the city is home to many of the most prestigious restaurants, museums and cultural institutions in the world, there are many luxe locations for people looking for a unique, high-end lifestyle.

These are some of the more luxurious properties in LA, and we’re sharing them here to make you realize just how unique it is to live here.1.

The Golden 1-Bedroom Los Angeles Mansion, 815 S. Los Angeles BoulevardIn the heart of Hollywood, the 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom mansion is a landmark of Hollywood and one of the finest mansions in Los Angeles.

Built in 1929 by architect Arthur T. White and built to house his wife, this five-bedroom mansion boasts a full-service kitchen and bathroom with an expansive living room and dining room, as well as an extensive library and dining hall.

This estate is one of LA’s most popular mansions, and the most luxurious of its kind in the Los Angeles area.2.

The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles Estate, 706 N. Hollywood BoulevardIn what could easily be called an island, the Ritz Carlton estate is located in Hollywood’s southernmost part, on Hollywood Boulevard.

This five-room mansion sits atop a beautiful and tranquil lake, which has been designated as a National Marine Sanctuary.

Located in the heart and heartland of Hollywood as the most exclusive residential community in Southern California, this home has become a symbol of luxury in Los Angelenos for its exquisite views and stunning architecture.3.

The Beverly Hills Estate, 811 N. Beverly Blvd.

The Beverly Hills estate is situated on the Beverly Hills River just a few blocks away from the Beverly Hilton hotel.

Designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn, this luxurious home features three bedrooms and five bathrooms and is located just off the Beverly Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.

This house is an excellent example of contemporary art and is often used as an inspiration for contemporary architecture in Hollywood.4.

The Montage Los Angeles Hotel, 1021 W. Sunset BoulevardIn a classic Hollywood setting, this 12-story, 1,500-square-foot house is located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, just blocks from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

Designed in 1926 by the famed architect Robert Moses, this magnificent four-bedroom home features an incredible array of amenities including a massive living room, large living room with fireplace, dining room with large fireplace, master suite, and a guest house.5.

The Waldorf Astoria, 1025 S. Sunset Blvd.

One of the crown jewels of the Hollywood Hills, this four-story home sits atop an iconic mountain overlooking the Beverly Mountains.

Built by architect Charles W. Brown in 1924, this beautiful estate features a spectacular landscaped front lawn and a full length pool.

This home is one for those who value lifestyle over the finer details of the finer arts, and is one that will surely impress your guests.

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