In the Maldives, the cut is a form of self-protection.

So when a villa is sold, it is worth keeping the land as a souvenir.

But for some villas in the Maldivian capital, it’s a money-losing business.

The average price of a villas sold in the capital, Manama, is between $600,000 and $1.5 million.

It’s a significant chunk of money, and many of these properties are being bought for money-making.

But what if the buyer doesn’t get what they paid for?

What if the property is worth far less than they thought?

These are the questions that are being asked in a new documentary by MTV News called The Maldives: The Villas.

Written and produced by the popular film maker, Ben Olliffe, the documentary will be released on September 26, the anniversary of the Maldive government’s purchase of the homes from their owners.

And it’s an ambitious and ambitious project.

Olliff’s first feature-length film, The Maldive, was released in 2007 and won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film.

He has since worked on a number of other films and documentaries including a documentary about the country’s former President, Abdul Hamid, who is also the subject of The Maldivians.

He also directed and produced the documentary about a new luxury hotel being built in the heart of Manama.

He said that in the course of his career, he has interviewed nearly 400 people about their villas, which he’s been able to collect through a partnership with the Maldivers Tourism Board, the Maldiver Tourism Association, and other organizations.

In his film, he says, “My intention is to get the story of these villas.

This is not just an objective film about a few of the owners.

This film will show that it is a very complicated issue, and it is something that needs to be investigated and debated.”

The Villages in Maldives Olliffs story starts in 2009 when the Maldiva government purchased a property in the center of the city of Manam.

The property was purchased for $3.3 million, but the government had been spending money on a new hotel project in the city, which was costing $3 million per night.

As a result, the government decided to sell the villas for $1 million.

“We had no choice,” said Ollills storyteller, Ben Gomes.

“The owners, they were forced to sell because they didn’t have any money to pay rent.

They were forced into selling their villa.”

One of the villa owners, Sangeeta Gopal, who lives in the same building, told Ollisses team that she was forced to give up the villapot.

The villa was her only option.

After a meeting with the owners, the villanas owner agreed to sell his and his wife’s villas and move them to another property.

This new property would become a temporary shelter for the owners to stay for a few days to see their family, according to Ollisys team.

Orellisses film also includes interviews with a number local officials, who claim to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire the properties.

The first villas purchased in 2009 are the largest in the country, but it’s not only the owners who have been buying the properties, according the filmmaker.

“There are a lot of people buying villas now, which means there are people living there,” said Gomes, “So when you’re talking about buying villa, you’re also talking about a lot more people than you’d normally expect.”

The team also interviews former President Hamid’s brother, Mohamad, who has been in power since 2001.

According to Orells team, Hamid is currently in a political crisis and the Maldi government has been selling its remaining villas to raise money.

So the filmmakers decided to focus on what happened when Hamid was deposed by the opposition.

“Hamid, he was in the middle of the chaos, he had a lot to lose,” said the director.

“I wanted to do something that would show the corruption of the government.”

The Maldi Government Owns Villas After being told that the government owns the villacos, the filmmakers team headed to the capital to interview the Maldian government.

They found that the owners of the remaining villa were all in the government’s employ.

The team filmed the government officials, as well as the people who own the villacs.

The footage shows a variety of people in uniform and government office, including an official in charge of the police force and the minister of education.

The film shows how the government uses its power to get around laws.

The filmmakers said that the “government is doing exactly what it was meant to do, and the people don’t care.

They just want to survive.” When

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