The perfect condo for the man who wants to live a “living paradise.”

Lake Shore Drive is an amazing and beautiful community of 1,600 homes in the historic district.

While the luxury condos are not the most expensive in the city, you need to be aware of what you’re paying for.

Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Here are some of the properties in the lake-side villas area:Lake Shore Towers, $3.3 millionThe Lake Shore Towers in Lake Shore are one of the most luxurious condos on the lake side.

They have a pool, tennis courts, an infinity pool and a spa.

The pool features a deep, dark blue pool.

The condos also feature an indoor and outdoor pool and tennis courts.

The Lakeview Condos, $2.9 millionThe Lakeside Condos in Lakeview have an infinity swimming pool, a sauna, a gym and a gym room.

The spa also has a saunas and showers.

The pool also features an indoor swimming pool.

A new condo at the Lakeside Towers has been completed.

The Lakesside Towers are one-of-a-kind residences in the Lake Shore neighborhood.

They offer a pool and indoor sauna with a sauté bar.

The condo also has an outdoor sauna and two heated pool areas.

The lakeside condo in Lakewood, $1.8 millionThe lakesides Lakewood condos are a mix of two- and three-bedroom homes, with a pool.

The condo also offers two indoor saunes and a sauta.

The lake condos are located on the edge of Lake Shore and have a nice walk to the lake.

The condominiums also have an outdoor pool, sauna/bathroom and a private garden area.

Lakeview Apartments, $749,400Lakeview’s lakeside condos are built by the same company that built the Lakeview Towers.

The lake condos have an indoor sauta and indoor swimming pools.

Lake Shore Apartments have been completed and are located at the corner of Lakeview Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard.

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