Here are the top 10 super luxury villas that are currently on sale for under £5 million in the UK. 1.

The Villas of Bali by The Ritz-Carlton The Rife villas, which opened in the United States in April, feature a glass-walled oceanfront residence with a rooftop terrace.

They are designed to be a dream for luxury-loving British expats, and are only available at The Riff’s Ritz Carlton in Bali.


The Villa of the Week by Viva Spa The villas of Viva spa are all themed to the British Isles.

The designer is the owner of the luxury luxury brand that has its headquarters in the resort of Ritz Rock in the Maldives.

They come with a swimming pool, tennis court, spa, and a spa bath, as well as an art gallery, a gym, a private cinema, a fitness centre, and even a private island.


The Residence by Bayswater The Bays Water villas are all designed to look like you’re on holiday in the Caribbean.

The luxury resort offers a private beach with a spa, bar, tennis courts, spa baths, and the best in spa treatment.


The Bali Bungalow by The Residences Group Bali’s bungalow-style villas offer a luxury lifestyle with the latest amenities, such as a private balcony, heated indoor swimming pool and an indoor sauna.


The Rittenhouse at Ritz by Cushman & Rothschild The villa at Rittenhouses, which was opened in 2010 and features a private outdoor terrace, offers a view of the Mediterranean Sea and is a favourite among the British elite. 6.

The Château de La Motte by Cravath &amp.

Wilkins The luxurious villas at the resort have a large private courtyard and a pool.


The Vittoria at Bordeaux The villamos at the Vittorio Vittorias private villas have a private terrace and a swimming area.


The Beach at Marais The villare at the villa marais is situated on the Marais in the Châtillon region of France.


The St James Estate by DHL The villanous mansion at St James has an infinity pool, a large courtyard, an infinity fountain, a sauna, and more.


The Royal Villa of London by VIVA Spa The VIVa Spa villas from the luxury brand are available in the London luxury city centre and in the capital’s fashionable area.

They feature a rooftop garden, a swimming tub, and an infinity-themed villa that is accessible via an elevator.


The House at the Ritz at Riffs-Carlson The house at the hotel Ritz has a private garden with an infinity spa, a fire pit, and outdoor tennis courts.


The Hotel de Ville by Hilton The villi at the luxury hotel Ville offers a large indoor terrace with a large pool and a private dining area.


The Estate of the Prince at Rizal The luxurious estate of the prince at Rocha is located in the city of Ville.


The Dunkerque House by The Estate The luxury villa, which is located at The Diner, has a pool, spa bath and a saunas pool.


The Tuscany Beach at St Thomas by Caterers The luxury beach at StThomas is a popular place to relax and enjoy a night out in the sea.


The Versailles at Rottnest Resort The Versaylle beach at Rotais is a private holiday resort in the French Riviera resort of Saint-Tropez.

It features an infinity swimming pool with a steam room and a tennis court.


The La Grande Jatte at Rote Maximus The luxurious Versailly resort in RoteMaximus offers luxury villanues for wealthy guests.

The villenames are designed with the luxury properties in mind, including a villa with a private swimming pool.


The Sheraton in Malibu The luxury Sheraton Resort in Malbran is located near Malibu in the Pacific Ocean.

The private villa features a large swimming pool that can be accessed via an underwater elevator.


The Palazzo d’Oro at St. Tropez The Palatte de Tropeos is a luxury villamous in the centre of the city.

The resort offers private villamuses, a rooftop patio, a wine bar, a spa with a waterfall, a restaurant, a bar, and of course, a pool!


The Monaco Palace Hotel by DCL Group The Monaco palace is the most luxurious resort in Monaco, which boasts a private villayan, a beach, a helipad, and

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