Indian luxury villas have become the latest victim of the country’s growing wealth gap.

The luxury homes are built on top of crumbling mansions, and many are now under threat due to land degradation and climate change.

Here’s a look at some of the worst offenders: Sherry villas in Chittoor, Mumbai, India (Credit: Google Maps)Sherry Villas in Patiala, Gujarat, IndiaThe village of Sittipoor was built on a hillside in the 1950s and 1960s, and is one of India’s most iconic mansions.

The home was once home to wealthy people like Rajiv Gandhi, who became prime minister in 1966.

It was later built into a modern building with a swimming pool, spa and gym.

However, the homes have been falling into disrepair for years, and the villas now have only a few habitable rooms.

The owners of the property say they are trying to save the villa by renovating it into a spa and meeting the needs of its residents, but so far the renovation has been unable to save it.

The village was the scene of a fire in 2017, when the villagemans fire-proofed their mansion to save themselves from further damage.

They also put in new doors to protect the structure from fire and flood damage.

However the homes are not the only ones suffering. 

Mangalore, Karnataka (Credit: YouTube/Karnataka)Mangaluru, Karnata (Credit (google map)) Mumbai, Mumbai (Credit : Google Maps )The picturesque Indian village of Chittor was the site of a major fire in 2016, and some residents are still living in the destroyed house.

Residents of the village say that the houses have been in bad shape for years due to neglect, and that the fire had started due to poor maintenance and neglect. 

The village has also seen several other disasters and the loss of life, as the residents say that they are struggling to maintain the home as they have been unable or unwilling to pay for maintenance.

The houses are now falling into a state where they have no habitable room. 

Brahmanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India (Credit – YouTube) Bhmanpur is one village in Uttar Pradesh that has been in the news recently.

In 2016, a massive fire engulfed a number of houses in the village, killing over 30 people.

The fire was caused by an overloaded electrical generator that had malfunctioned and caused a fire that destroyed the entire village.

Many residents of the affected area have now been evicted from their homes, and have been living in makeshift tents.

In 2017, another fire destroyed the surrounding area, killing around 200 people.