New Delhi: There is no room for the average Indian villager in this country’s vast, largely untrammelled expanses of desert, but the country has a lot to offer the super-rich, and they’re lining up to get in on the act.

From a country that has been dubbed “The Biggest Island in the World,” to a place that’s more of a collection of islands than a nation, the Indian countryside has a long history of hospitality.

And it has its share of villas as well.

The most well-known is the Indian villa town of Panchkula.

Located in the heart of Maharashtra, Panchki is home to some of the wealthiest villas in India.

It’s a collection home for royalty and other powerful individuals.

Its sprawling estate is estimated to be worth $25 billion.

But the villas are not all exclusive.

For the past 50 years, more than 3,000 Indian millionaires have moved to the city, and many of them are now making their way into the country’s top 10 cities for billionaires.

Here are some of them.1.

Amitabh Bachchan2.

Anil Ambani3.

Salman Khan4.

Vijay Mallya5.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan6.

Aamir Khan7.

Arun Jaitley8.

Salman Khurshid9.

Arvind Kejriwal10.

Jayati GhoshThe country has also seen the arrival of a few billionaires.

Anurag Kashyap, son of billionaire businessman, Akshay Kashyapa, was among the first to make his way into Indian cities, becoming a billionaire in just two years.

And Anupam Kher, son-in-law of industrialist Lakshmi Mittal, became India’s richest person in 2017.

The duo owns a combined fortune of $10 billion.

Kher and Mittal bought a home in Panchklars, an Indian city in the north-western state of Karnataka.

They are the first Indian billionaires to purchase property in Pangong, a major city in Gujarat, according to Forbes India.

The biggest Indian billionaire in India, the late Adani Group, is also one of the top 10 most valuable billionaires in the world, according the Forbes ranking of billionaires in India by country.

The company owns more than 500 acres of land in India and has an investment of more than $2 billion.

The top 10 wealthiest Indian billionaires are also the top 15 richest in the US.

They’re followed by the billionaire brothers Salman Khushwant Singh, who bought a property in Dubai in 2007, and Adani Enterprises, which owns the world’s largest natural gas field in North Dakota.

The Indian wealthy have a long tradition of building luxurious homes in the country.

For centuries, wealthy Indians have lived in villas at their favorite sites, such as Panchkilpura and Panchgundi.

It was the name of a local village, Paniyar, which means “city of luxury.”

In the 19th century, wealthy people like George Soros built palaces in Paniyaar, and were later buried there.

The villas also offer a great deal of privacy.

The villas can be accessed from a number of places.

One of the most famous is Panchkhulap, which is in the middle of a village.

It has a magnificent garden, a magnificent library and a lake.

One can walk through the lake and enjoy the views of Panskulap.

The surrounding hills are also quite attractive.

Panchkuli, the name given to the place, is located in Panniyar district, in north-west Gujarat, a region that is rich in minerals and sand.

It is a very remote place, and the only way to access it is by walking a few hundred yards.

There are several other Indian billionaires who are wealthy, too.

Anup Kumar, a former chairman of the World Bank, is the richest person to live in India’s most famous city, New Delhi.

Kumar owns a home near the Indian parliament.

He also owns an apartment in New Delhi, and owns a villa on the edge of the city.

He is a member of the Indian Parliament.

India is also home to the world-famous Panchlalai Golf Course, a resort that’s now the world headquarters of the International Tennis Federation.

The course is famous for its private swimming pools, where athletes can play tennis, golf and squash.

The club has become famous in India for its annual Panchli Festival, which includes tennis, squash and other sports.

The annual event draws an estimated 400,000 spectators.

Panskuli is the largest residential area in the Panchmul area of Panniyaar.

The area covers approximately 3,500 acres, and includes many residences and several villas.

It sits at the southern tip of the Pannia River

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