Villas like this one are often known as “villas for the rich,” but the one in the pictures at the top of this article is the top-rated villa on the island.

The villas are among the most expensive on the block, but that’s where the price drops to the $5.9 million price tag.

The two-story, 4,800-square-foot, $5,933,500 villa, in Villa Verua, Italy, is owned by the family of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The family has a net worth of $1.6 billion and the family’s company owns a portfolio of hotels, resorts and condominiums.

A spokeswoman for the Berlusconis did not immediately return requests for comment.

The next-highest-rated mansion is the one above it at $3.5 million.

In between are two houses in the area at the $3 million mark.

The house at the end of the road is worth $2.7 million, while the top one, on the other side of the street, is valued at $2 million.

The first house is at the center of a huge row of shops, a restaurant and other buildings.

The property is owned and managed by the company of the Berlisconis, S. & M.G.P., which has more than 40 properties on the property.

A person familiar with the matter said the Berlins were buying a new house on their land to expand their family’s real estate holdings.

This house is on the edge of the village and is worth a lot more than the others.

The most expensive villas in the city are those in the Villa Verma region, which includes the Verona region of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Verona-based estate company S.M.G.-P.

has sold three villas and two large properties in the Verma area since the beginning of the year, according to data from the S. and M. G.P. website.

The current owner of the Villa Vima, who is a resident of the Verna area, was a member of Berlusquo’s governing party, the Democratic Party of Italy, for most of his adult life, the website said.

In 2017, S M G. P. bought another property in the region for $1 million.

According to the website, the Verua-based company owned the villa for just less than half the asking price.

In the last 10 years, S G. G P. has spent a total of $7.5 billion on villas around the world.

This is the second time this year that the Berlsconis bought an estate in the Montebello area of Italy.

The previous owner of this villa bought it in the 1960s for $2,000.

A villa at the edge in the village, in Verona, Italy.

A view of the villas, owned by S. G G. and F. Berluscio, in Montebellobola, near Florence.

S. M. and A. G, a villa in the villagess area of the town of Montebellovia, which is about 80 kilometers from Florence.

A family vacation in Montello, Italy’s Mediterranean coastal city.

A tourist in the coastal town of Venice.

The Villa Verna-based S.G., the father of Berlisconi, was the leader of the Partito Democratico (PPI) government from 1989 to 1996 and was elected as a member on a party ticket in 1992.

In 2013, the Berliscos sold their stake in the company.

A representative for the company declined to comment.

This villa is a favorite vacation spot for the family, which owns a string of villas including one that’s listed for $3,000, a family friend said.

The party was founded in 1976 by Berluscan politician Luca Berluschi, who was later elected to the upper house of the Italian parliament, the Chamber of Deputies.

Berluscio died in 2005, and he was succeeded by his brother, Silvano.

In 2018, Berlusco’s son, Matteo, became Italy’s prime minister.

He and Berluscians daughter, Marietta, became the youngest members of the parliament.

In 2016, Berlisi and his brother Matteo were found to have sold several villas to their sister, Marlene.

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