A tour company that specializes in luxury vacation rentals in Italy has found a new home for the Villa Sport luxury resort in Milan.

The resort, located in the Tuscan city of Bologna, opened on Thursday.

It’s the first resort of its kind in Italy and the first to be built specifically for vacationers in the city, said Maurizio Mancini, CEO of Villa Sport.

“This will be a new generation of Italian vacationers, and they will want to go to VillaSport as much as any other Italian,” Mancino said.

“There are a lot of reasons why people choose this place, it’s the best in Italy.

It has all the attributes to be a top-notch vacation destination.”

The hotel will also offer a full service spa and restaurant.

The hotel is open to the public for the first time in the summer, and will remain open throughout the summer.

Mancinelli said the resort will offer amenities like a fitness center, sauna, indoor pool, hot tub and hot-water shower.

There will also be an outdoor pool, saunas, sausages and outdoor dining area.

The beachfront villa will be fully accessible during the summer months.

A number of hotels in Italy have been built specifically to cater to vacationers who come to Milan for a vacation.

One such hotel is Villa Villa Milano, located about 5 kilometres from Milan’s city centre.

The company has also built several other resorts in Milan, including the Villa Valle del Fusca and Villa Valverde, both in the Milan region.

Villa Milana is owned by an Italian family, and is part of a chain of Italian resorts in Italy, including Villa Bolognese, Villa Valletta and Villa Grazie.

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