Valo, Brazil – Villa Berghese’s winery, located in the coastal town of Vitoria, has won its first Brazilian win in a record-breaking 10 years, a local official said on Friday.

Vito Valo said his winery in the town of Bregas de Monteiro had secured the title of the country’s first winery and he added that the winery was not expecting another victory for the foreseeable future.

The winery’s first victory came in 2014, when the winemaker won a record three gold medals in the World Wine Cup.

A winery official told The Associated Press that it took only three months for the winer to win its first gold medal in a World Wine Tour event in 2017.

Valo Berghesel has been the winner of three golds and four silver medals at the World Cup and also won two golds at the Wine Country Classic in 2016 and 2015.