Villas, which once featured lavish accommodations, are now being retrofitted with a sleek new aesthetic.

A new look has been created for Phoenix’s villas, and residents can expect the same modern furnishings as the surrounding buildings, which are designed to offer more privacy.

The project, which is part of the city’s redevelopment effort, is part project of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the American Community Trust and the Phoenix Area Community Foundation.

Villas are located in the downtown Phoenix area and offer a unique and intimate experience.

The new design includes new interior finishes and finishes in a sleek white color.

A glass roof separates the villas from the surrounding areas.

The design also includes a new glass wall separating the two floors of the villa from the main living area.

A more modern, open layout also features a new open-concept living area that offers open spaces for visitors to walk, play, hang out and even get a massage.

A brand new kitchen is also in the works, with stainless steel appliances, stainless steel counters, a stainless steel counter top, and stainless steel cabinets.

A spacious lounge area is also included.

Villages that have been renovated have also received a fresh coat of paint, while some homes have been re-gained.

A number of residents have been relocated to other properties.

This new look is intended to make the villahouses more accessible to families and young adults.

There is a large number of renovations planned, including a major new kitchen, a new barber shop, a renovated barber clinic, a large new outdoor terrace and other renovations.

A total of 16 homes are currently under construction or are under construction at this time.

There are also plans for a large-scale redevelopment of other properties that are currently being used for affordable housing.

The city has identified more than 1,000 vacant properties that will be available for redevelopment and is working to help relocate residents.

Villavas are also slated to be part of several other housing initiatives in the coming years.