An underground house, an abandoned church, a cult and a small family home are all things you’ll find in the tiny village of La Vellas in the northern Spanish province of Almeria.

A little-known phenomenon is growing in the small Spanish region of Alba, and it has the potential to make it a trend, according to the country’s regional government.

“This phenomenon is so interesting because it involves an area of Spain that is already very sparsely populated, but also a part of the heart of Spain,” said Miguel Guillermo, head of the Alba regional government’s department for social and economic development.

“It’s very exciting for us, because this is one of the few areas in Spain where we can have an activity in an area that is quite sparsely inhabited.”

The phenomenon is the result of an underground house and a home, known as the “La Villa,” which has been turned into a gathering place and a refuge for those living in isolation in the countryside.

The house and the home are the only remaining structures left in the village, and the residents have been known to gather there, sleep on the floor and perform rituals.

“The house has become a place where people gather and discuss,” said Maria Lourdes, a member of the village council.

“And we have also seen a community gathering at the back of the house and that has been going on for several years.”

The house has been known for years to attract people, but there have been several incidents of vandalism.

A fire in 2014 was reported to the local fire service, but the fire was deemed to be out of control by the time firefighters arrived, according the Alameda de Almerias newspaper.

A house belonging to the community of La Villa was damaged in an arson attack in 2013.

In 2016, it was broken into and looted by locals who used a large hammer to smash through the doors.

The residents claim they are fed up with their situation, and have been demanding a building permit for their own house, according Alameda del Principe.

The local authorities have been hesitant to grant the request, and in the meantime, a small group of residents has started to gather in the basement of the building.

“We have gathered together every day, and there have always been around two or three of us,” said Lourdos.

“On the other hand, we have been accused of having a cult in the past.

It was a rumor that we had something to do with cults.

But we never believed it.”

The group started gathering there for a week in May.

They were allowed to gather on the day of the arson attack, and members were allowed out of the area after midnight.

The group was able to gather as long as the owner could not be found, Louras told Alameda El Principo.

They are now allowed to keep the house, and they are planning to build a new house there.

However, they want to create a new home, as the one they have is now empty.

“In this situation, we don’t want to give up because we believe that our life will be saved,” Louros said.

“Our lives are already over.

We can’t lose them.

But, we want to make the best of the situation.”

In the village of Alves, a similar situation has arisen when a local resident and several neighbors of his opened an underground shelter in the backyard.

“For months, the people of this community had to sleep on a concrete floor, in the cellar,” Alves resident Miguel de la Calle said.

This shelter was opened in June 2017 and is the only shelter left in town.

“I have a problem with my neighbor who is in a house that has a basement and a kitchen, because he doesn’t have a roof,” said de la Casa, who also asked that his last name not be used.

“He has a roof, but not a basement.

That’s what I like the most.”

The shelter is the most recent in a series of underground shelters being built in the region.

“Some people believe that the underground shelters are just a temporary measure, but it’s a real problem,” said Elvira Pizarro, an official with the Almerian regional government, Alba de Alves.

“When we opened the underground shelter, we didn’t know if there would be any visitors, but now we’re seeing a huge number of people.

In a recent Facebook post, de la Cacia, the leader of the La Villa community, said that they were ready to open their underground shelter for anyone to visit. “

Every day, we’re finding things in the shelters, but we don�t know where they are.”

In a recent Facebook post, de la Cacia, the leader of the La Villa community, said that they were ready to open their underground shelter for anyone to visit.

“There are many people in the area who want to open an underground community shelter, but they can’t,” de la Cataria said.

He also said that the