I have bought a villas in the United States and Canada, but I have never lived in a villahouse.

In fact, I have always wanted to buy my own villa.

I am not saying that I would choose to live in a house that is a little bit bigger, because that would be very comfortable.

But it would be a different world from my current one.

But I am very happy with the way that I live, and I am enjoying it, because it is a nice way to live.

I think that is why I chose to live on the Caribbean island.

I like that I have a very comfortable villa that I can come to and have a bit of fun, which is not that common in the world.

But the Caribbean is not a place that would allow me to do that, especially in the summer months.

And I am happy that I am living in a country that allows me to enjoy that, because I do not want to be trapped by that.

I do believe that I could live in the Caribbean permanently, if I would like to.

What do you think?