Lubbock, Texas – For some locals, this is the second time they’ve been to the beach for the summer.

The Lubbocks beachfront resort, which opened in 2016 and is now being sued for $1.2 million, is the center of a heated controversy surrounding the beachfront property, where an old, neglected hotel once stood.

The $1 million lawsuit was filed in November by a man and his wife.

It was filed under the Texas Freedom of Information Act, an open-records law, and sought documents related to the resort.

The lawsuit alleges that the resort’s “ownership, operation, and management are in violation of the Texas Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits the use of real estate for the purpose of private economic or political purposes, or the Texas Constitution, which mandates the disclosure of private business records.”

The lawsuit claims that the Lubbons property is a “hotel-cum-hotel,” a term used to describe hotels that have been abandoned or derelict since at least the 1920s.

The couple also alleged that the property’s owners, James and Barbara Siegel, failed to pay property taxes on their property since 2009, despite the resort saying it had been in their name.

According to the lawsuit, the Siegels are seeking an injunction that would stop the Sikeses from using the property, which includes several parking lots, as a hotel or condominium.

The couple are also seeking unspecified damages.

The resort says it has no plans to move the hotel, which sits on a property that was purchased in 2012 for $4.2 billion.