Villas in south-east London are selling out in record time, with prices doubling in the past year.

The luxury estates of Buckinghamshire are among the biggest buyers in the country.

But while the average price of a single-family villa has risen by an average of around £400,000 over the past decade, the average value of a villa in an estate of more than 2,000 is down to around £500,000.

In addition, more than 1,000 homes in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea have been sold, according to property site Trulia.

In London alone, prices are rising by around 6% over the last decade, according the property site.

With a population of more in the area of one million, the area is one of the wealthiest boroughs in the UK.

The average cost of a house in Kensington-upon-Thames rose by 8% in the last 12 months to an average £2.5m, according Trulia, which compared prices between different estates.

Many of the homes in this market are listed as being on the market for £3.9m or more, with some going for upwards of £10m.

However, it is worth noting that the average sale price in London is only £1.5million, so if you are looking for a nice, one-bed cottage in the city, the prices may be a bit higher.

The prices of homes in London’s estates also rose in 2016 by 7.7%, with the average home being sold for £2,073,907.

However the number of homes being sold in London rose by just 0.7% to 5,077,715.

 This trend has been exacerbated by a combination of the London Olympics, which saw a significant increase in overseas visitors, and the financial crisis of 2008.

According to the British National Statistics Agency (BNSA), London house prices have risen by about 10% since 2008, while London-area median house prices increased by around 4%.

 But the majority of the rise in house prices has been concentrated in the capital, with many estate agents offering a “sell and buy” option to buyers, where they can take out a deposit and buy the property for a profit.

London house prices tend to be in line with the rest of the UK, and London is by far the largest home market for the capital.

In the last year, the London area has seen an increase of around 5,000 houses, while in the rest Of the UK the number has fallen by around 5.5%.

It is no secret that the capital is struggling financially.

In 2016, London recorded the largest house price increase of any city in the world, with a total of £1,854,637.

In contrast, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Glasgow and Nottingham all saw their prices fall over the same period.

London house price growth is expected to continue this year.

A recent study by Oxford Economics estimated that London house market prices will rise by 5.4% in 2021, with the median house price set to rise by £3,000, up from £2 at the same point last year.

According, Trulia’s data, the median value of London properties is set to increase by just under £500m this year, with 1,074 properties listed for more than £1m.

With the prices of properties in the inner city and on the east side of the city rising at such a rate, it appears that a new type is emerging in the luxury markets of London.

“This is a new kind of luxury, and it is not just the new luxury, it’s a whole new type, and I don’t think it’s just about the property market,” said Tom Farrar, an estate agent in London.

“It’s the opportunity for the buyer to buy a house that would have been previously unaffordable.”

While there are currently several large estates in the outer boroughs of south London and the Isle of Dogs, Trumbull, Wandsworth and Wandsfield, Trumans owner and agent said that in the future, he is thinking about opening up further properties to international buyers.

Trumbull estate agent Tom Farris, who runs a luxury estate company, Trumps Properties, said he would like to see more properties opened up in London for international buyers, such as those from countries such as the US, China, India, the UK and the Philippines.

Farrar said he has been interested in the idea of buying properties in England for several years, but that there was only one time he had been approached by an international buyer in the middle of the night.

When Farrars wife bought a house for £1 million, he said he was amazed when they discovered the price.

He added that the number and quality of properties being