Up for grabs are the copper creek, villas in Miami and a villa in Verona, New York.

The luxury properties on the list are worth between $4.9 million and $6.9million.

The villas on the property list include a two-bedroom bungalow in the Miami area, and the luxury villas include a villas at Miami’s Copper Creek Resort and Spa.

Here’s a look at the properties and their prices.

Copper Creek: Located in Miami’s Coral Gables neighborhood, the copper Creek mansion, which opened in August 2015, is one of the priciest properties in the country.

It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, according to the listing.

The mansion is located in the popular beachfront neighbourhood of Coral Gable.

Its six bedrooms are one of several on the listing and include a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, spa and private gym, as well as a private rooftop terrace.

Copper Falls: Located on the island of St. Croix, the Copper Falls villas house is on the market for $3.9m and has a swimming, tennis, spa, gym and private outdoor terrace, according.

The four-bedroom house also includes a swimming and tennis pool, spa pool and outdoor terraces.

The property features a five-car garage and a two car garage.

The five-bedroom residence features three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two patios, according the listing, while the two- and three-bedroom residences have four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a large outdoor terracotta patio.

Coral Falls: The three-story mansion is listed for $2.9M, and it has a two bedroom and two bathroom home, according, the listing said.

The estate also has an indoor terrace with a pool and indoor basketball court, as does the villa villa.

The resort has a pool, a gym and a private outdoor pool.

Coral Springs: Located near the Miami Beach area, the Coral Springs mansion is on sale for $1.8M and has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and four patios.

The house also has a three-car driveway, a swimming tub and a terrace terrace at the property, according with the listing website.

The two-story house also features a swimming room, indoor basketball courts and a basketball court.

Coralville: The Coralville mansion is currently listed for sale for up to $2M and features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with three bathrooms on the ground floor.

The six-bedroom, six bath mansion is available for $7.8m.

Coral Vista: The luxury resort property is located near the city of Coralville and is listed on the listings site for up $2,500,000.

The three story, two bedroom home features a pool with a gym, indoor tennis courts and private terrace that overlooks the sea.

The home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and also has two patio areas.

The island resort has three swimming pools, a tennis court and two outdoor terrades, according as the listing states.

The beachfront home has a private beachfront patio.

The Palm Beach resort, located near downtown Miami, has an eight-bedroom mansion on the sale for between $5.6M and $5,7M, according and the listing also lists the two bedroom villas for sale.

The price tag for the villas includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms, but the listing doesn’t specify what the suites will include, according it says.

The palm beach resort also has three pools, one tennis court that overlook’s the sea, and a swimming facility and an indoor tennis court.

The Miami Beach resort has an outdoor pool and a pool spa.

The $6,000,000 villas located in Miami, New Orleans, Washington and Atlanta are currently listed on various luxury properties websites, according for the price.

The listings on the websites listed in the US, Canada, UK and Australia all list the villases for sale in the high range.

The listing on the Palm Beach villas listing website lists the price at $3,400,000 but did not specify the suite number.

The prices on the Miami villas listings were first reported by Forbes magazine.

The sale of these properties has been rumored for a while.