The iPad is an excellent device for playing games, but it’s also a great way to get an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep.

Here are seven tips to get the most of your iPad sleep cycle.


Get a few hours of uninterrupted play time 2.

Set a sleep timer 3.

Start a sleep journal 4.

Get some exercise 5.

Get your iPad on a timer to get more sleep 6.

Sleep through the night 7.

Start reading a book to unwind.

There’s a lot to cover, so we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to get uninterrupted playtime on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

1) Get a lot free time with your iPad The iPad has a lot going for it: It’s cheap, fast, and extremely battery-efficient.

In fact, if you’ve got an iPhone 5s, iPad Air, or iPod touch, you’re already well equipped to handle most of the typical tasks that you’d expect from a modern smartphone.

If you’ve been stuck on the couch all day, or need some time away from your phone for some reason, the iPad is your only option.

In addition to its relatively low price tag, you can enjoy all the features of an iPhone, including the ability to take advantage of the newest apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

If, however, you need some additional free time to unwrap, consider switching to an iPhone or iPad that’s paired with a Sleep Machine.

The Sleep Machine is a device that will provide you with a dedicated sleep chamber where you can use it for both your sleep and waking hours.

Once you’ve connected the device, you’ll be able to wake up and use it as a device for the rest of the day.

You’ll also be able control your iPad via your iPhone’s built-in Siri voice assistant, or even from the app on your phone.

2) Set a timer for free time The Sleep Timer app on the Apple Watch and the iPad has built-ins that can be used to automatically set a timer.

If it’s a little later than the recommended time for you to sleep, simply tap the “Set a Timer” button on the Sleep Timers app, and it will tell you the recommended times for you and your iPhone.

3) Set an exercise timer For the most part, the Apple watch and the Sleep Machine will work just fine for people who use them for short breaks.

For those who need more time to work on something like a project or a project that needs to be completed at the same time, you may want to consider adding some additional exercise to your iPad.

For example, if your iPhone has built in timers, you could use that to set a specific time for your iPad to start working.

4) Start a Sleep Journal You can get a journal on your iOS device for some great sleep information, such as when you’re most likely to be in the middle of a project, when you should start your night, or when you might need to get up for a workout.

If a journal is your primary means of keeping track of your sleep, set it to automatically record your time spent sleeping and the number of times you slept.

If your iPad has integrated alarms, it’s even easier to set one of these timers to automatically trigger your iPad when you wake up. 5) Get your iPhone on a Timers to get sleep-related productivity work done You’ll want to keep your iPhone connected to your sleep chamber, even if it’s just to check the timer and set a time for yourself.

You could even setup a dedicated Sleep Timestats app on iOS that records sleep activity.

This way, you have an automatic, consistent source of sleep tracking, and you can check in to see when you’ve gone into deep sleep and when you woke up.

You can even set an alarm for yourself to automatically wake you up at specific times.

For some of you, a timer might also be a good way to check your iPhone when you get up, especially if you’re working on something that’s on a deadline or has to be done right away.

6) Get some additional sleep exercise with the Sleep Stretcher app This app allows you to turn your iPad into a sleeping platform that you can utilize while you work or go to bed.

Using the SleepStretcher, you set a short time and then let it wake you and keep track of how many minutes you’ve slept.

You then tap on your SleepStritcher and it automatically starts recording the number and duration of your periods.

7) Set some exercise to get your iPhone to wake you Up for some exercise is a great idea, but you’ll also want to make sure that you’re using your iPhone properly.

For instance, if it has built into its Sleep Timing feature that you set up to wake it up, you might want to turn off the Sleep Mode setting so that you don’t wake up in

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