Italian police have confirmed a blaze at a luxury villa near Turin that has left more than 20 people injured. 

Police said a fire at the property in the northern city of Turin on Sunday evening killed 10 people.

The fire started after a group of thieves broke into the property, according to local media.

It said the fire was brought under control and the villa had been destroyed.

“The owner has not yet returned to her home, but she is on the run and we have started to work on finding her,” police chief Fabio Pascuzza said.

It’s not yet clear how the fire started.

A police statement said the villas owner had not returned home since the fire.

“It’s a very complicated situation, we are looking into every possible possible angle,” said Pascazzo.

Investigators said the cause of the fire is not known.

Investigators are now searching for a man who may have been involved in the robbery, according the police statement.

Investigators believe the fire could have been started deliberately, and they are trying to determine whether there were other people involved in looting the property.

“We have identified all of the victims, and we’re going to continue to work with the families and find out who was involved in this crime,” police said in a statement.

“All of the buildings in this villa were damaged or destroyed.

The whole villa is still under reconstruction.”

The blaze was caused by arson.

The Italian police statement did not specify how the blaze started.