The Scottsdales Hotel & Casino is set to get a big boost from a new deal with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who is expected to announce his intentions for the Scottingdale Resort & Casino this week.

According to reports, Duceys Office of Economic Development has made a deal to sell the resort to a group of investors that includes the Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas casinos.

The deal is expected in the coming days.

The Scottsdoras hotel and casino is the second largest hotel and resort in Arizona, according to Forbes.

It is located just outside the city of Scottsville, which is about 60 miles east of Phoenix.

It has the capacity to house 1,400 guests and is home to many other casinos, such as the Las Vegas Strip, Mirage, and the MGM Grand.

The resort is also home to the Arizona State Fairgrounds, which holds its annual festival and is held every year in April.