Hotel villas are a great way to spend your holidays in Italy.

The villas themselves are usually a mix of modern and classic, but they also serve as great escape options if you want to unwind in the comfort of your own home.

Check out our list of the best hotels villas in Italy, as well as other tips and tricks to make the most of your vacation in the country.


Hotel villa di Brescia (Brescia, Italy) Located in the Bresca region, this hotel is a great destination for those who are looking for a little bit of respite from the city.

The hotel has a large garden and an indoor pool, and it is a popular destination for weddings, graduations, and other special occasions.


Hotel Villas di Citta di San Marino (San Marino, Italy, 3 rooms) One of the largest villas on this list, this villa in Citta del San Marino has a very modern feel.

The property has a total of 4 rooms, which are arranged in a circle around the courtyard.

There is a small restaurant and a bar inside the villa, and the rooms are connected by a large balcony that can be easily accessed.


Hotel Villa dei Fortunatore (Fortunatoren, Italy), also known as the Villa of the Sun, features a villa that is built on the site of a Roman villa.

The building has a grand feel with a glass-walled courtyard, large courtyard, and a large lake.


Hotel Hotel dei Cittadore (Cittadores, Italy).

Located in Cittadin, this unique hotel has 2 rooms that are connected to each other by a small bridge that allows guests to enjoy a relaxing experience in the villas gardens.


Hotel Bresciano (Bologna, Italy); Hotel Bressano (Bressano, Italy; 4 rooms) Brescians are known for their luxurious homes and the villanies are no exception.

The Villa Bresico is a beautiful hotel with 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a spa, and an outdoor pool.


Hotel Mestre della Fiumi (Mestre, Italy.)

This villa is located on the outskirts of Milan and offers a beautiful setting for romantic romantic evenings.

The main house is located in a private garden, and guests can enjoy a peaceful evening in the grounds.


Hotel Le Conte della Scala (San Sebastian, Italy)–This is a villas classic location and this villas terrace has a fantastic view of the bay.

It has a small beach, but the villamnt is surrounded by a magnificent lake.


Hotel Viterbo (Viterbo, Italy): This is a stunning villa located on a hill in Viterbroglia.

The view is fantastic and the view of St. Peter’s Basilica is absolutely breathtaking.


Hotel Giorgio Armani (Coventry, England)–This luxurious villa at this villamt in Coventry is an absolute must-see.

The terrace is a little more romantic than the villarens, but you can relax and enjoy the sunsets from a hammock or a pool.


Hotel Terni di Valtellina (Valtellina, Italy–4 rooms) The villa Ternia in Valtellia is a perfect place to relax with the view from the top of a hill.

The house is a stone building with a pool and a balcony.


Hotel L’Etoile in Valenzuela (Valenzuelas, Italy 9 rooms) Located on the south side of Valenziel, this large villa has a beautiful view of Mount Vesuvius, and its an ideal destination for a romantic night.


Hotel Raffaele in Pozzuoli (Pozzuolii, Italy 8 rooms) Raffia is an easy place to have a romantic evening in Pozza di Valenzua.

The beautiful villa features a large courtyard and a lake.


Hotel Monteverde (Monteverde, Italy 4 rooms)–This villa offers some of the most beautiful views in Italy at this location.

It is a bit more modest in size than other villas, but there are also plenty of small rooms to enjoy your evening.


Hotel St. Angelo (Sarajevo, Slovenia)–This beautiful villamont overlooks the town of Sirocco, and this location offers a wonderful view of all the beautiful sights in the city of Sarajevos.


Hotel Ponte di Valletta (Ponte, Italy)-This villas perfect location offers incredible views of the mountains of Slovenia.


Hotel Alhambra (Alhambra, Italy 5 rooms)–If you are looking to escape to the mountains, this