B.L.C.’s Copper Creek Reservation offers a stunning landscape to the north and south.

But there’s a problem: it’s the home of the world’s most notorious cannibal.

The Copper Creek Inn, where many of the famous “baked goods” are made, sits at the end of a ravine and is the only known location where a person could be eaten alive.

On Saturday, CBC News will be taking a journey around the property in search of the restaurant that hosts the infamous restaurant.

The inn’s reputation goes way back.

The family that owns it has lived in the property for generations, and is known to have eaten hundreds of guests in the past.

But the inn has been closed for years, as the property has been sold.

The property is now being managed by a new owner, who says he’s looking for the owner of the inn, but can’t find him.

We’ll see if we can get an interview with him, said Rick Hensley.

Henslay has been running the Copper Creek Restaurant for more than 20 years, and has a history of helping the community.

Hensley says it’s a sad situation for the people who work there.

“We’re just trying to make a living,” he said.

The Inn is a haven for people who need help escaping the cold, and a place for those who want to live on their own in B.A.

Ivan Soto, a volunteer who has been serving the community for 20 years said there are a lot of people who live there who are afraid to go out there.

I think they feel like it’s dangerous, that it’s unsafe, and they’re scared to go there, Soto said.

“They’re scared of getting killed, they’re afraid of going to jail.

They’re scared that they’ll be judged for the food they eat, or the drugs they take.”

The restaurant is located in the Copper River at Copper Creek Villas, just off the Highway 99 interchange in Huntington.

It’s a popular hangout for local B.T.C., B.I., and Victoria residents.

It is owned by the Hensleys, who say the owner needs help.

Rick Hensling, a member of the Copper and Gold Mining Club of B.F., said he’s been working to help reopen the restaurant.

“The Copper and Copper Creek Tavern has been a great place for people to come and get their fill of hotdogs, burgers, and other food,” Hensings told CBC News.

Hinsley says the Copper Inn has been open for many years.

Hentley says he has been working with the Hinsleys for over 20 years to reopen the Copper Coe Inn.

Hentsley says this restaurant is closed for renovations, and the new owner is looking to reopen it.

“It’s a beautiful place to visit and it’s been a long time that the restaurant has been in this location,” he explained.

Hentsley said the new owners wants to reopen this restaurant.

He says he will need a permit to reopen.

The Henslings also say they have a few people who are interested in opening a new restaurant.

Hansley said that while the Copper County Community Association is working to reopen Copper Creek, they can’t help anyone.

“I have a lot more work to do with the Copper Copper Creek Casino,” Hentsler said.

Hesler said he has no plans to reopen another Copper Creek restaurant.