Villa Milano, a popular vacation resort on the Italian Riviera, will transform into a world-class tourist destination as it opens its doors to the public on April 1. 

The new resort is expected to attract up to 4 million visitors per day, with the first wave of residents arriving in mid-May. 

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Villa Milani has attracted more than 6 million visitors from more than 150 countries since opening in 2011. 

With its large, open, and well-equipped villas and hotels, the Italian resort is the most luxurious villa-rental destination in the world, according to Lonely Planet. 

Villa Milano is also one of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions, with more than half a million visitors annually, according the city of Milano. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of dining options and shopping options in the newly opened resort. 

“The villas will be equipped with everything you need to stay comfortable and in style,” said Gianluca Santoro, director of Villa Milanico. 

For more than a century, Villa Milan has been the center of Italian culture and history, and is the second-most visited resort in Italy after Florence, according Lonely Planet, which ranked it as the second most visited European city. 

According to the company, Villa Italy is the third-most popular Italian destination after Rome and Milan, with guests from all over the world. 

A few of the Villa Milanos best features include: Villas open to the general public on Friday and Saturday, and weekends;