Caglia di Venezia, the family-run newspaper, is celebrating the launch of its new edition with a special edition on Saturday.

The first edition, which is published on the same day as the national football championships, will include the full details of Cagoli di Vigo’s new ownership group, including the names of its directors. 

The new edition is based on the first edition of the newspaper, which was published in November last year, and will cover the last week of the first-leg of the Cagolo di Viglia’s first title defence against Almería on Wednesday.

The edition will also include exclusive interviews with Cagolini’s current board members and a picture of Cags son, Stefano, in a special photo.

It will also be the first time that the CAGLIARI banner will be printed in the Caggio di Vigais paper.

The CAGLIA di VIGIRA has already won three domestic titles since 2010, including one last year.

The club’s former chairman, Carlo Zaccagni, who took over in 2016, said the newspaper is aiming for “a very positive edition” for its readers. 

“The newspaper is not a competitor.

It’s a news source for all of us, and this is the only way to get our news and information to the public,” he said.

The last edition of CAGLA, which covered the first leg of the final, featured an interview with former coach Marco Mazzoli, who has since been appointed to Almerian coach Carlo Allegri’s team.