A few days after a local named John, who is a member of a village council in Hadrian’s Villas, announced that his house was to be sold, the market took hold.

“This is a beautiful villa and I think the house should go on the auction block,” John said.

The villa is one of many in the area.

The village council, known as the Hadrian, bought it last year and has been trying to sell it ever since.

They have held auctions, but the price tag has never been released.

They are still trying to figure out how much the house will be worth.

“I don’t know if we can buy it, we are waiting for the sale,” John told CBS News.

The market is an annual tradition, but locals have been reluctant to participate in it.

“We don’t feel comfortable to participate because it is our home,” John added.

John said the market is a symbol of Hadrian Island.

“People have come here to buy the houses, to get a piece of history,” he said.

A local called Rani said she is very happy about the market.

“It is a way of connecting to Hadrian.

We don’t want the market to be used as a dumping ground for what happened here,” she said.

Rani said her family came here to collect the village’s cultural heritage.

“Hadrian Island is a very special place and we will cherish it and take it with us to our next lives,” she added.