I’m not sure if Jonathan’s grandfather is a villager or not, but the family has been living at the home in Weston since he was born in the 1960s.

The farm was acquired by Jonathan and his wife, Anne, in the late 1980s, and is now owned by the Villars, who are now the owners of the winery.

“It’s been my grandfather’s farm since I was born,” he said, laughing.

“And my father was there when I was a child.”

The family moved to Weston, New South Wales, in 2000 and bought the land that became the villas on the site.

It took the Villas a few years to make a name for themselves on the wine scene in Australia, but it was the winemakers that were most impressed.

They were inspired by the success of Villar Winery in the mid-1990s, when the winemaker, Robert Bierut, set up shop in the remote and isolated town of Churrascra, a tiny community on the Gold Coast.

Bieruts first winery was on the coast, but they were so popular that they were able to expand to the Goldfields and in 2001 opened up the Churrasco Valley Wine Estate, which is now home to their wineries.

A small wine village, the wineries have a large estate and they’re all connected by the winches.

“There’s a lot of small wineries in the Chorascos and in the Goldfield area,” said Jonathan, a retired chemist.

“We’re all all connected and we’re all doing the same thing, which we’ve always done.

We’re just trying to keep our fingers crossed that we can keep growing, keep improving.”

Jonathan says his grandfather, a winemaker for decades, is still involved in the winetech community.

“I’ve got two grandkids, they’re both wine lovers,” he laughed.

“My grandfather’s been working at the wineys for the last 25 years.

I’m very proud to be a part of the wine community here.”

The villas were originally built to be used for the family, and Jonathan bought them out in 2006 when the family decided to sell.

“When they were new, they were very small, they had a lot to do,” he explained.

“They were very simple, just two rooms, and a lot more than we could use.”

The winery is still owned by Jonathon and Anne Villar, but now the family will have to find another winemaker to take over the business.

The family will still be looking for a new winemaker when they move to Weston next year.

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