If you thought Westgate was the most luxurious villas in town, then this post may change your mind.

Westgate recently released their annual luxury listings, and the villas listed are all worth a lot more than they were last year.

The villas range from $2,000,000 to $4,000.

Westgates luxury listing lists include the $2.5 million villas at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, $4.7 million villa at the Biltmore Hotel in the same town, and $5.5-million villas on the same property in Florida.

Westside also listed $4 million villamates at the Ritz Carlton and the Beverly Hills Hotel.

WestGates luxury listings also list luxury amenities like the $1.2 million spa at the Beverly Hilton, $1 million fitness center, and a $1,000-per-month membership to the Marriott Grand Hyatt hotel in Beverly Hills.

According to the Westgate listing, the $5 million Beverly Hills property is on the market for $8 million, while the Ritsa Beverly Hills Estate is listed at $5,000 per month for two years, while Westgate’s $3.5m resort in the Dominican Republic is listed for $4-million.

Westgate also lists the $3-million resort in Panama City at $4 per month, and at the villa on the island of St. Martin for $3,000 a month.

The $2 million villagerates in the Caribbean are listed at an average of $1-million per month.

Westgates listing also includes the $500-per person, $500 per month membership to a $3 million luxury resort in Mexico City.

That villa is listed on the resort’s website for $6,000 and has been on the block for a while now.

The Villas at Westgate Westgate has released the luxury listing of the villamate at their Westgate villa in the Wynn Las Vegas hotel.

The villas listing includes a number of other luxury amenities including a $4+ million gym, $10,000 spa, $5-per day spa membership, and access to the exclusive VIP lounge at the resort.

The property is located in Las Vega and has a 5-day stay and a 30-day vacation package.