In a sea of skyscrapers, a hotel has a different feel.

Dubai’s newest hotel is an architectural masterpiece.

Built on a sandbar overlooking the ocean, it’s set to open in December.

It’s an oasis of tropical elegance that will be used to welcome guests.

Dublin has been known for its beachfront villas.

The iconic Jumeirah Beach, a stretch of sand dunes that spans half the island, is one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

But the hotel is a completely different story.

Dubay Dubai, as the city is known, is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, and Dubai’s tallest building, the Al Thani Towers.

The Burj is built on a plateau at the heart of the island’s desert, overlooking the Gulf of Oman.

The tower stands over an area of 4,200 acres (1,600 hectares), and sits on a hilltop, surrounded by mountains and sand dune fields.

It’s about 40 meters (130 feet) tall.

Dubays tallest building is the Burka-like black-and-white striped building, which stands on top of a vast and imposing water tower.

The structure is named after the “blue dress” worn by Islamic State fighters.

Dubais tallest skyscraping, Burka Towers, is almost 1,000 meters (3,700 feet) high.

The hotel’s owners have named it the Dubai Towers, after the UAE flag and the island in the Arabian Sea.

The architects behind the project, A.A. Ibrahim Architects, have spent almost four years building the hotel.

The Dubai Towers are an ambitious project that includes two towers, the first of which is planned to open by the end of the year.

The new hotel will house approximately 100 guest rooms, a spa, restaurants, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a sports complex, a retail mall, a cinema and a hotel.

The project is set to include a casino.

The resort’s first hotel, Dubai Mirage, opened in 2013.

The hotel opened in June 2016 and has been described as a “sophisticated hotel with an elegant and modern design”.

It is expected to become the worlds tallest hotel and the tallest building in the world.

Duba’s tallest hotel is the Marouf Hotel in the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi.

The luxury hotel is set in a beautiful seaside setting on a large hilltop overlooking the water.

The interior features a spectacular view of Dubai’s city skyline.

The Marriott Dubai Tower, which was opened in January 2018, is the second tallest building on the Dubai skyline, and the fourth tallest building worldwide.

It is located in the heart, just east of Dubai Airport, at the top of the Bur Dubai Towers.

Dubas tallest hotel, Bur Dubai Tower is a landmark.

The Bur Dubai Building was designed by J.C. Penney.