Villa, a second-round pick out of Florida, is the most important player on the defensive line.

He’s been a force for the Dolphins, winning the Super Bowl in 2012 and leading the NFL with 13 sacks this season.

He has been so good that he’s been named Defensive Player of the Year twice and made the Pro Bowl twice, including this year.

But this year, Villa’s been hampered by a toe injury.

He missed the Dolphins’ preseason opener because of the injury, but he was back for the regular season opener against the Patriots.

The Dolphins won.

Villa and Miami will play again on Sunday, but this is a good sign.

Villas ankle injury is just a reminder that the Dolphins are a great defense.

This team has the ability to play better and still win games.

Villafanas defense will be tested in the Patriots game, but it’s important that Miami can get past that because that’s where the future of this defense lies.

Miami has the talent to make a deep playoff run.

But it needs to show more consistency.