If you want to go to the Villa Villa at New York’s Fashion Week, you need to be there before noon on Saturday.

It’s an hour before the main event, which is the fashion show.

The Villa is the largest Italian-themed mall in New York.

But it’s also the largest store in the United States, and it’s closed on Sunday for the coronavirus pandemic.

But you can find a great deal of great deals at the Villa.

Here’s how to get there.


Head to the Fashion Show on Sunday at 9am PDT.


Take a taxi from the New Jersey State Fairgrounds to the Villa’s mall entrance.


Walk up to the entrance and head down the escalator.

The Villa will close at 10:30am.


Walk into the Villa and you’ll find a large entrance in the back.

This entrance has a sign that says “Villa at Fashion Week.”


Take the elevator down and you can enter the Villa through a side door that leads into the mall.


Go inside and enjoy the Villa at Fashion week.


Be sure to check out the Villa Vignettes section to see what else you can do at the villa.


For best results, stay in the VIP lounge area at the top of the mall and enjoy free Wi-Fi.


Take your time.

There is a good chance that you will be bored at some point during the fashion event, and the villas are usually packed.

But the Villa offers a number of free activities that will help you unwind and relax.


Enjoy a coffee at the Villas Bar.

It has a large coffee table with a bunch of tables on it. 11.

Grab a bite to eat at the restaurant in the Villa lobby.


Take in the atmosphere of the Villa during the evening show.


Sit on the roof deck at the VIP Lounge to relax.


Enjoy the view from the top floor of the villamouse and enjoy a great view of Manhattan.


Visit the Villa Lounge, which has a small balcony that is perfect for sitting on. 16.

Head back down to the main floor of Villas Villa.


Walk down the steps and you will come to the elevator entrance.

It is located right beside the main entrance.


Once you have entered the Villa, be sure to look for a “Villas VIP Lounge.”

This is the area that has the VIP VIP seating, and its a great spot to take in the show.


After the fashion party, go to any of the VIP lounges and sit at one of the tables.

You can sit in one of these tables or you can enjoy a view of the runway.


Take off your shoes and grab a bite at the café.

This is a great place to eat lunch, have a drink, and get some refreshments.


Enjoy cocktails at the bar at the back of the Villas VIP lounge.


Walk around the Villa courtyard and you should see a fountain at the end of the main path.


Head into the main lobby of the new Villa.

You’ll find the VIP area, where you can relax, grab a drink and watch the show, or just watch.


If you are feeling adventurous, head to the villae rooftop deck, where the villams patio is located.


The main Villa rooftop deck has the best view of downtown Manhattan.

It offers an excellent view of NYC skyscrapers and can be reached from the VIP seating area.


Take some time to enjoy the views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as the views from the Villa patio.


Take an hour and walk down the main VIP lounge, where there are more seating areas.


Go up to a VIP lounge on the second floor of Villa Villas rooftop deck.


Head up to Villa Villa’s VIP lounge and relax by the pool at the edge of the building.


The VIP lounge at the new villas Villa has more seating, including VIP tables.


Head over to the VIP bar at Villa Villa.


Go upstairs to the restaurant at Villa Villamouse to enjoy a meal.


Head downstairs to the Villamouses restaurant and enjoy some drinks.


Head upstairs to VIP lounge for some food and refreshments at the main Villa.


Go downstairs to VIP bar for some cocktails.


Head down to VIP Lounge for some drinks at Villa Vamouses rooftop deck 37.

Head outside to the view of Broadway and enjoy your evening at the beach.


Walk back down the VIP patio to the front of the Villams rooftop deck to enjoy your view.


Head out of Villa Villa and explore the surrounding area, especially the Vella Vino. 40. For