It’s one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, according to Priceline, but if you’re looking to spend $300 to $500 on a meal, you’re in luck.

In the United States, the average price of a meal at the restaurant is $9,636, according the site.

That number includes a $1,000 tip, but the tip amount will vary depending on how much you tip and how you eat the meal.

A typical dinner at the Villas at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami, Florida, can cost as much as $300 per person.

This includes the tip, as well as service charges.

While there are plenty of other options to go for a memorable meal at a fancy restaurant, you’ll want to think of yourself as an average joe who’s in the same boat.

You don’t need to spend big to have a great time.

There are a variety of options that you can try at a more affordable price.

We’ve rounded up the five most expensive places to eat in America.