India’s famous ‘sherry’ villas are in a state of decline

Indian luxury villas have become the latest victim of the country’s growing wealth gap.The luxury homes are built on top of crumbling mansions, and many are now under threat due to land degradation and climate change.Here’s a look at some of the worst offenders:¬†Sherry villas in Chittoor, Mumbai, India¬†(Credit: Google Maps)Sherry Villas in Patiala, Gujarat, […]

How to find the best food at the villa du Ciel

Ciel has always been known as the city’s most fashionable neighborhood.But as the days go by, the restaurant has also seen a resurgence in popularity.The restaurant recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and is a favorite for many locals.“It’s the place where you can go in your neighborhood and say, ‘Hey, you should come here,’” says […]

Aston Villa villa: The villa with an air of luxury in the city

Villa villas have long been a staple of British life, and the Villa Palermo is no exception.The home has been the centre of British pop culture for decades and was featured in films, music videos and TV shows.Now it’s owned by Italian luxury house Lucan, and it’s home to a brand new villa. Read more:

When the villas on the beach at the Riviera’s luxury resort are actually apartments, the real estate bubble is coming to a head

This article originally appeared on Polygon.The world of luxury resorts and villas is slowly coming apart.According to a new report from the Luxury Beach Industry Association, the villa market is set to explode in 2017, with luxury resorts in Spain, Italy, and Portugal experiencing the biggest increase in the number of luxury homes sold over […]