How to raise a kid in Colombia

Pancho villas, orphanages and orphanages for kids are all in the news in Colombia.But where are they?And how can parents help?This article focuses on the country’s biggest urban centers, including the capital Bogota and its suburbs.The country is in the middle of a drug war, which has killed at least 1,000 people, according to UNICEF, […]

Disney boardwalk Disney villas open to children

Disney is open for business at the Disneyland Resort in California.Disney announced Thursday that it has opened four new Walt Disney World villas to families for children.Each villa will cost $7.50 million.The Villas at Disney Springs, Disney’s second-largest resort, opened in December, and the Villas in Epcot, the second-biggest resort, are also open to families.Villas […]

How to Get Lucha Underground Fans To Watch Lucha, the New TV Series by G.C. Gonzalez

Lucha’s second season is now underway, and while the series is still in the process of getting ready for a live stream, a couple of the characters in the upcoming episodes are getting some extra love from the brand.First up, the new lucha libre villa in Lucha de Oro.It was built by the former Lucha […]