‘It’s about the truth’: Gomes’ son ‘scared and hurt’ after video of him at gunpoint

An 18-year-old boy was stabbed to death outside a Sydney shopping centre this week after being confronted by a man who threatened to kill him.Police were called to the Central Square Shopping Centre on Wednesday afternoon and found the victim, who had been stabbed in the stomach and arm, lying on the ground with his […]

Villa definition

Villa Definition – Villas are the areas around a home, office or business.The name “villas” was originally used to refer to a single-family house or apartment, but it is now a generic term for a large residential property.In the UK, the word “village” refers to a cluster of homes located together.Villas often have separate kitchens […]

Man dies after being hit by car while out for a walk

SANTA FE, N.M. — A man who was out for his morning walk has died after being struck by a car while walking his dog, authorities said.Authorities say the man, who was not identified, was walking his four-year-old pit bull terrier and the dog ran into the path of a car traveling south on Interstate […]

How to Get Lucha Underground Fans To Watch Lucha, the New TV Series by G.C. Gonzalez

Lucha’s second season is now underway, and while the series is still in the process of getting ready for a live stream, a couple of the characters in the upcoming episodes are getting some extra love from the brand.First up, the new lucha libre villa in Lucha de Oro.It was built by the former Lucha […]

How to make a taco with gomez and Capri

Gomez and capri were both popular in the early 1960s.The latter was inspired by Capri’s favorite restaurant, El Capitan, and the former was inspired from the old-timey bar, Villa Capri.The tacos are made with gmelas, which are tender meatballs stuffed with tortillas.But gomez is often used interchangeably with capri in recipes.The two tacos are also […]

What’s in a Name? Villas in Spain’s Terrific Restaurants

Villas in Spain are beautiful and luxurious, but their names also have a meaning.In this guide, we’ll explore the most famous villas in the country, from the capital of Madrid to the coastal towns of Palermo and Roma.We’ll also explore some of the most popular Spanish dishes, and how to eat them.