How to find a tulum hotel for your 2019 season

The new season isn’t officially in the books, but it’s already getting close.Here are some tips for finding a tula hotel for 2019.1.Know what kind of tulum to expect: The tulum is the centerpiece of the annual tule festival in Tulum, Mexico, but the tulum doesn’t just get bigger and better with each passing year.Here’s […]

Disney boardwalk Disney villas open to children

Disney is open for business at the Disneyland Resort in California.Disney announced Thursday that it has opened four new Walt Disney World villas to families for children.Each villa will cost $7.50 million.The Villas at Disney Springs, Disney’s second-largest resort, opened in December, and the Villas in Epcot, the second-biggest resort, are also open to families.Villas […]