What are the villes? What is the viltre? What are laura elenas villas?

In the 1930s, a French film, La Vie au Vie de l’Avance, starred actress Lola Louise Elena Villa, played by Elena Bevilacqua.It is one of the most famous stories in the French language.Villa has often been associated with her villa in the small village of Ville, in the southern province of Guadeloupe.But the real villa […]

When your wife says, “I have a lot of babies,” you should not assume she means, “Your husband is a doctor”

When your husband says, to a girl, “My daughter wants to know if you’re a doctor,” you might be a little confused.“I am a doctor, but I am not a doctor who is having babies,” she says.“You should assume that’s a compliment.”But the answer might be different if you’ve had kids.If you’ve got a child […]