Villa del Mar: Villanovanza – Cagliari – Cachagliara – Almeria

Caglia di Venezia, the family-run newspaper, is celebrating the launch of its new edition with a special edition on Saturday.The first edition, which is published on the same day as the national football championships, will include the full details of Cagoli di Vigo’s new ownership group, including the names of its directors.┬áThe new edition is […]

The world’s richest woman: The world is rich, but the world is also small

Livia Elena Villa, the world’s wealthiest woman, is about to celebrate her 67th birthday.Ms Villa, who was born in Spain in 1932, owns a multi-billion-dollar portfolio in the US, including a major stake in American Airlines.The world has been rich since the Second World War, with Ms Villa earning $9.4bn in 2014, according to the […]