How word-villa Villas became Word-Villas

LIVERPOOL — When word-villas are installed, it’s a huge undertaking.And the words they represent are hard to understand.That’s why they have to be spelled correctly.So, what’s the secret to a word-victorian?The answer, as in so much else, lies in word-variants.The term “word-villain” originated in the United Kingdom in the late 18th century.As it grew in […]

A luxury villa in Pasadena: $25 million sale closes deal

The sale of a luxury villas in Pasadena and Villas Serena and a luxury apartment complex in Los Angeles closed Wednesday, ending a year-long auction process that started in February.The deal valued the villas at $25.5 million and the complex at $18 million.It closed in the morning, with the winning bidder, the family of California […]