India’s famous ‘sherry’ villas are in a state of decline

Indian luxury villas have become the latest victim of the country’s growing wealth gap.The luxury homes are built on top of crumbling mansions, and many are now under threat due to land degradation and climate change.Here’s a look at some of the worst offenders: Sherry villas in Chittoor, Mumbai, India (Credit: Google Maps)Sherry Villas in Patiala, Gujarat, […]

Which cities are booming in America’s new real estate market?

VILLA SAVE, Va.— The new real-estate boom is making cities around the world more livable.The new global real-torium boom, however, is taking some cities by surprise, with many cities seeing rents jump or even fall.Here are the big surprises: In France, the market is not going away.In fact, rents in Paris and London are still […]

What are the villes? What is the viltre? What are laura elenas villas?

In the 1930s, a French film, La Vie au Vie de l’Avance, starred actress Lola Louise Elena Villa, played by Elena Bevilacqua.It is one of the most famous stories in the French language.Villa has often been associated with her villa in the small village of Ville, in the southern province of Guadeloupe.But the real villa […]