Villas in Spain’s Riviera resort are being forced to close due to a shortage of workers

Villas are being ordered to close as workers are being laid off due to the shortage of the Spanish resort town of Siena.The city is now the largest single employer of Spanish workers in the EU, employing 1.6 million people, the government said on Wednesday.┬áMore than half the workers are employed in the hotel and […]

When the world’s most expensive villas sold for $2.6bn

ST.JOHN VILLAS, Calif.— The world’s priciest villas are set to make headlines once again.The first time the mansion for the United States and the British royal family sold for nearly $2 billion on Friday, it raised eyebrows and brought to light the need for better regulation of luxury homes, luxury real estate agents said.The $1.9 […]

Which Miami Gardens wineries are worth buying?

Here’s what you need to know in the NHL.1.Villa Montez wins over the years…Villa MonteZ is in the middle of its sixth season and has won five of its past six.The winery was opened in 1997 and has made history by having the first-ever bottling of wine from the winemaking process.Villa’s winery has more than […]

What if your favorite NHL team was a fictional franchise?

The story of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and the fictional Toronto Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Corporation is the subject of a new book, A Novel of the Leafs: From Maple Leaf to Toronto, by Jonathan Clements.The book, which was released in October, follows the development of the Toronto Maple Maple Leafs franchise from […]