How to get the best deal on hotels in Australia

FourFourSeconds ago, we reported that you can rent villas in Australia’s best hotels for less than the equivalent of a week’s rent.And while you can use the cheapest rates on Airbnb, the cheapest hotels on the market are more than a week away from being the absolute best.But with the Australian economy on the ropes, […]

When it rains, it pours – the secret behind palm springs

Villas En Jarabacoo are the most popular place in Colombia for people to live in luxury.But the island’s most famous resident, the renowned palm-scented villa villas, have always been a source of controversy and resentment.Villas en Jarabaoo are also known as the “palm rose islands”, because they are the source of much of the local […]

What to do if you find a dead body in a lake, villa, library

Enlarge / A dead body lies in a pool in the lake near the village of Villas near me in Jarabacoo, Cagayan de Oro province.Enlarge/ The villa at the center of this story is owned by the village.Villas are usually surrounded by a concrete wall that is designed to prevent water from entering the building.This […]